Refer your candidates with confidence

At Rubicon Pay, we seek to offer the highest possible levels of service to our recruitment partners. With this in mind, each of our agency clients are assigned a dedicated and knowledgeable relationship manager. Your relationship manager will be on hand to assist you, whether you want to add a new starter, seek clarification on payments made, or need guidance on compliance, changes to regulations or tax legislation.

If you work for a recruitment agency and would like to find out more about how you could benefit from our umbrella services, do not hesitate to call us on 01379 438028 or email [email protected]

Ensuring compliance for recruitment agencies

We are dedicated to ensuring that your business complies with relevant legislation at all times.

As a leading Umbrella Company, Rubicon Pay guarantees to always:

  • Pay at least the National Minimum Wage to employees
  • Regularly monitor Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)
  • Request proof of identity and carry out essential right to work status checks as a matter of course
  • Insist on proof of  receipts to verify agency reimbursed expenses

With all of this in mind, we have worked to ensure we offer a range of services to meet the needs of our recruitment agency partners. When you refer your workers to us we will take care and ensure they are paid on time, every time. We also ensure they meet all their tax and NI obligations.

Our Umbrella service offers your workers the benefit of a continuous employment contract.





Rubicon Pay offers a range of services for recruitment agencies. There are many advantages for recruiters referring candidates to a trusted umbrella company such as Rubicon Pay.

At Rubicon Pay we know that there are numerous umbrella companies for recruitment agencies to choose from. We also understand the recruitment industry and the pressures and priorities you face.

Many of our staff are from recruitment backgrounds themselves, so we know how much time can be spent dealing with pay queries, paperwork and questions from your workers over rates, expenses and compliance. Such things can feel like time wasted and we recognise that this can take you away from the tasks you really want to be focused on. We aim to save you time so you have more of it to focus on priorities such as bringing in new business and sourcing the perfect candidates.

Are you aware of how important your PSL is?

It has never been more important for your recruitment agency to consolidate your Preferred Supplier List (PSL) and to ensure every accountancy and payroll provider on it is fully compliant with HMRC legislation. With the introduction of the Criminal Finances Act 2017, your recruitment agency and your Directors could face severe punishments for facilitating tax avoidance – even if it was accidental!

PSL Checklist:
Below are some tips to help you spot non-compliance on your PSL. Answer each question with yes or no. Are the companies on your PSL:

  • 100% compliant with HMRC legislation, and able to prove it?
  • Registered and located in the United Kingdom – and not overseas?
  • Experts with the latest legislation and able to provide your consultants with guidance on any of the legislation affecting the recruitment and contracting industries?
  • Well established in the industry?
  • Able to provide your candidates with useful services such as insurances, pension advice and IR35 reviews (either through their own company or by approved partners)?
  • Strict with your candidates’ expense claims?
  • Offering you realistic referral incentives, and not excessive rewards that stand out compared to other providers in the industry?

Hopefully, you will have answered every question with yes. If there are any questions that you have answered no to, your recruitment agency is at risk because of a potentially non-compliant provider on your PSL.