One of the main reasons to kick start a career in contracting is the chance to take more control of your own future.

In return for this increased freedom and flexibility, you’ll need to be covered by insurance if something goes wrong.

What’s more, most suppliers will expect you to have a policy in place before offering an assignment.  Thankfully, all this is taken care of for you if you join a compliant umbrella company such as Rubicon Pay.

Here’s an overview of the different policies available:

Professional Indemnity

This provides protection if your end client claims compensation for any mistakes or negligence on your part, usually if they’ve suffered financial loss as a result. Professional indemnity is particularly important for roles such as IT specialists, accountants, lawyers and medical practitioners. Professional Indemnity insurance protects against the cost of a claim, plus any legal fees incurred. Any claims made would be against the umbrella company as they are your direct employer.

Public Liability

Public Liability insurance provides cover if something you do causes a member of the public, or one of your colleagues, injury or other loss.

Employers’ Liability

This policy is held by the umbrella company, and covers incidences where you are injured or become ill because of the type of work you carry out.

Why Rubicon Pay?

We provide our contractors with industry-leading, comprehensive insurance as standard: