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Contractors – IR35 Guide

If you're confused about IR35 and how it affects you, this quick and simple guide will teach you more about the legislation's background, its extension into the private sector, and why the changes mean you should switch to become an Umbrella Company employee.  

The Top 5 Mistakes Made By Contractors

Read our quick and simple guide and learn what to look out for when choosing an Umbrella Company. We discuss Take-Home Pay, Expenses, Genuine Employer Status, User-Friendliness and IR35, to help you choose an Umbrella Company that's compliant, efficient and helpful.

Recruiters- IR35 Guide

Download our free guide on how IR35 affects you as a recruiter and learn about the legislation's background, why referring your workers to an Umbrella Company can help, and why reviewing your PSL is so important.

The Top 5 Tips For Contractors

We've put together a guide looking at each stage of the process of going into the world of contracting for the first time. We discuss Skill Level, Applications, Interviews, Negotiating Rates and Holidays to help you confidently secure the right contract for the right pay.

Employer’s NI Guide

If you're confused about why you're paying Employer's National Insurance, read our guide to learn the difference between how it's dealt with by Agencies/End Clients and Umbrella Companies, why Employer's NI means you have to negotiate a higher rate of pay as an Umbrella employee, and why it's important to understand whether or not you fall inside of IR35.

Guide For End Clients

Download our free guide for End Clients for information on how you can deal with IR35 and other legislative responsibilities by referring your contractors to an Umbrella Company like Rubicon Pay.